Enhancing Competitive Advantage Through the Digital Label Printing

How Demand For Digital Label Printing Services Increased During Covid-19

A highly connected and interspersed business environment causes the impact on one industry to spill over to others. Considering digital label printing as a standalone service can make measuring its significance during and post Covid-19 harder than anticipated. Likewise, the gravity of label print management is easily misplaced when our focus is on the forefront – having the necessary essential goods and services.

Rethink Digital Label Print Management Solutions

By simply referring to the data garnered from AccurioLabel 230 across ASEAN, we observed an uptick of 80% in print volumes from March to May 2020. This time period is indicative of global lockdown measures, culminating in a reduced workforce as well as staggered timelines in logistical supply chain operations. Pressures double when consumers react by stocking up on FMCG products like medicinal and health supplies as well as emergency pantry items. For instance, FMCG sales in Singapore alone rose by 43% when alert levels were heightened.

As demand for these products rises, so does the need for labels – a situation we often overlook. According to The Label Academy, the global manufacturing, supply and usage chain is reliant on a wide range of labels for conveying required information related, but not limited to, safe usage, movement, health information and instructions for use.

Turning to Digital Label Printers
| The AccurioLabel 230

Food, cosmetic and medical products form the bulk of digital label printing needs, with projected growth at $49.90 billion in 2024. Without a definitive playbook at hand, organisations worldwide are turning to technology and this is where our AccurioLabel 230 digital printer became the machine of choice. Offering enhanced productivity, operability and excellent detail and image quality, this digital printer resolves pain points with speed and scalability.

1. Short Runs

Short run printings are jobs that don’t have a minimum quantity. Print short runs as little as desired.

2. Print-On-Demand

Print only what’s ordered and customize white-label products in the exact quantity you need. It also gives you the ability to incorporate security features such as microtext, anti-copy features, and more

3. Variable Data Printing

Flexibility to produce customised labels, variations and promotional labels. Print unique QR Codes or tracking barcodes or personalised mailers with names, unique images or other identifiers.

4. Low Cost & Quick Output

Under Pressure? With digital printing. you can get your prints on the same day printing. within 24-hour or the next day. It is also cost-effective as it eliminates the need for plates, chemicals, and related processes.


Improved environmental sustainability due to less waste and reduced chemical waste, paper waste and overall emissions.

Redefine Digital Label Print Management with Efficiency

Coupled with the ripple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global digital printing market is anticipated to grow significantly – both in equipment and services offered. Similarly, the ways in which we do business will see substantial changes. Our offering as a digital company with insight into complex challenges is to recognise and respond with scalable and streamlined digital printer solutions. Part of our industrial printers, the AccurioLabel 230 maximises the advantages of digital printing while solving the issue of a reduced workforce during Covid-19.

Konica Minolta’s range of industrial printers is positioned to aid our customers in leveraging efficient print management to meet the demands of digital label printing in the market today. The pandemic is representative of an ever-changing and volatile business environment. At the heart of global commitment, our AccurioLabel 230 digital printer is one such solution that specifically targets and solves a pain point in periodic sales spurts influenced by major events.