Security Solutions (bizhub SECURE)

Blind Spots Cause Data Breaches

Data is a company’s most valuable asset in today’s knowledge-based economy. Confidential information, intellectual property, personal records and business insights are examples of data that are integral to a company’s operations, with billions spent worldwide to buttress their security.

Data Breaches Are Costly

Unsecured, an MFP could become compromised and end up leaking confidential data, which may ultimately erode customer trust, damage an organisation’s reputation, and lead to the loss of revenue and the loss of new business opportunities.

•  Next-Level Data Security for MFPs

Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE Platinum is a suite of
professional services designed to ensure not only data
protection for MFPs, but advanced network security for MFPs.

• Why It Matters

Allow only authorised individuals to use company MFPs
and reduce exposure to data theft.

• Bizhub SECURE Platinum Feature

MFP Authentication, Active Directory Authentication,
or Authentication Solutions.

• Why It Matters

Gain peace of mind, knowing full well that
your company’s data are under lock
and keep in a digital vault.

• Bizhub SECURE Platinum Feature

Lock down MFP hard-disk drives with a password
to prevent unauthorised data removal or access.

• Why It Matters

Like how shredding documents insures against
confidential information exposure, shredding data
does the same.

• Bizhub SECURE Platinum Feature

Eliminate all traces of data once it’s been deleted
and leave data thieves no chance what so ever to
retrieve them with different modes.

• Why It Matters

It is human nature to forget simple, yet important tasks
like deleting sensitive data. Systems, on the other hand,
can be programmed to never forget.

• Bizhub SECURE Platinum Feature

Set a desired time setting to remove any materials located
in electronic folders in case users forget to delete them.

• Why It Matters

What good is stolen data if it can’t be deciphered?
Encryption will make data thieves think twice
before making a play.

• Bizhub SECURE Platinum Feature

Encrypt confidential data, store them away safely,
and prevent unauthorized access by external devices.

•  Secure MFP Networks

•  Core Features at a Glance

‣ Change the Administrator Password.

‣  Encrypt the entire contents of the bizhub hard disk.

‣  Eliminate any trace of data even after it’s been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite.

‣  Time your bizhub multifunctional device to auto-delete any material located in electronic folders.

‣  Create a 20-digit secure alphanumeric password to lock down your bizhub hard disk.

‣  Disable non-secure and unwanted services, protocols and ports at your bizhub.

‣  Enable SSL on the bizhub (self-signed certificate).

‣  Enable Network User Authentication and User/ Administrator Account Auto Log Off.