One Stop IT Services


Modern organisations attach great importance to the various technologies they employ to effectively manage their working environment – these include servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections. Managing these infrastructures can become a significant burden – and should any technology fail, the financial implications could be considerable.

Managed IT Services from Konica Minolta enable you to outsource the responsibility for the effective management of the IT infrastructure required to run your business. This is achieved through the deployment of a fully managed service, including 24/7 remote monitoring, under which issues can be proactively identified and subsequently resolved by your Konica Minolta Service Desk.

      Service lines

1. Provide and Setup PC/Notebook:

One stop service that provide from the beginning, set up, after service, hire purchase and rental use.

Service detail

  • Setup operating system such as set up the internal system connection and shared folder
  • Install genuine license software
  • Provide proper accessories according to desired budget
2. Office 365 Installation

Microsoft Office 365 License is the license software for all kind of organization which will be easier if you can cut off the complicated process by using our installing service.

Service detail

  • Install Office 365 for all computer in the organization
3. Provide and Install Antivirus Program

Antivirus program which is designed to protect you from any cyber-attack such as virus, Trojan etc.

Service detail

  • Provide and install antivirus program
  • MA renewal
4. Server Room Management Service

provide and install server which will be the proper specification of CPU, Memory, Hard Disk that will work at the best performance.

Service detail

  • install server system
  • Examine server operation
  • Install Active Directory (AD)
  • Data transfer service
  • Take care and organize the server room
5. Meeting and Conference room System

Manage the system according to the room size, equipment position, wiring and safety.

Service detail

  • Provide and install conference system such as microphone, speaker, projector, projector screen and tablet
6. Network Infrastructure Service

when talking about IT, network infrastructure is very important that lead the organization to their goals in the future.

Service detail

  • Design and set up network system
  • Make plan for installation point and install system
  • Improve network system quality
7. IT Infrastructure Monitoring Service

Provide the infrastructure monitoring and performance improving service.

Service detail

  • Design and set up network system
  • System Monitoring and analyzing
  • IT equipment status monitoring
  • Monitor the performance of network security system
  • Make a report to offer the best solution
8. Corporate software

provide and install software from small to big organization or industrial section to enhance the performance of the staff.

Service detail

  • Offer and install proper software
  • Set up appropriate operation system for the users
  • Provide software to support and enhance each section’s performance
9. Firewall System Management

Firewall is the security system that protect computer from cyber attack or unauthorized connection normally come from an internet network. Konica Minolta offers the best security system you can have for your computers.

Service detail

  • Checkup firewall performance system
  • Install firewall system and set up security setting
  • MA renewal
10. Wi-Fi Monitoring and Setup Service

Wireless system is now using more and more in the organization because it is safer, cheaper equipment and WLAN is used to reduce the quantity of the cable in order to save costs.

Service detail

  • Analyze setup point
  • Install Access Point equipment ( Access Point)
  • Setup implementation
11. Data Backup & Recovery System

Backing up and copying the data to get rid off an error that occurred if something goes wrong.

Service detail

  • Design and install data backup & recovery system
  • Install Disaster Recovery System for emergency case
12. Robotic Process Automation System Setup Service

By using computer processing system to work automatically which can work 24 hours, fast pace working, reduce chance of an error, cost reduction and easy to use and modify.

Service detail

  • Counsel, develop and create automation workflow
  • Analyze, checkup and calculate by automation system for the best quality of work
13. Counsel, setup and provide accessory and staff for printing room (Printing Center)

Improve performance of printing room in an organization.

Service detail

  • Counsel and design proper printing room system
  • Provide printer, accessory and staff
  • Install software and test run the system
  • Install driver on printer and finisher
  • Summarize and submit monthly reports

Key Benefit

  • Concentrate on your core tasks and leave the monitoring and management of your server and network infrastructure to us
  • Increase your overall efficiency with right-sized IT infrastructure
  • Meet all current and future IT requirements
  • Optimise your ability to adapt to business changes
  • Keep your IT operating costs in check
  • Enable your IT department to concentrate on business-as-usual
  • Get updates and upgrades instantly and without fuss. Get market-leading expertise from our consultants working hand-in-hand with your expert teams. Enjoy comprehensive all-round service from a single competent service provider