A digital label printing system that offers enhanced productivity, job flexibility, operability and excellent image quality with affordable system cost, is a “Perfect Fit” for business expansion and parallel use with existing analogue presses.

With a high performance of AccurioLabel 230, your business will be gained a competitive advantage in a small batches of profitable label production,

  • High productivity with maximum print speed of 23.5 m/min.
  • Excellent image quality to meet a wide range of diversifying needs.
  • Wide media compatibility without pre-treatment.
  • Small foot print.
  • Outstanding operability.
  • Sophisticated color management features.
  • Superb color stability

Digital Label Printing

Advantages of Digital Printing
Digital Label Printer AccurioLabel 230 with its superb productivity, image quality and operability as well as its economical features is ideal for those wishing gain a foothold in the label market and requiring parallel use with existing analogue presses. Print data can be directly output from PC which reduce preparatory work time. The color quality is stable, less waste and can be simply follow the output or maintenance.


Enhanced Productivity & Flexibility

Fast print speed up to 23.5m/min.
With the maximum print speed of 23.5m/min, realized faster turnaround time and contributes to expand the printing business.

– Short warm-up time
Warming-up time from job to next job is minimized by no turning off of fusing unit, result in less job switching time and paper waste.

Long continuous printing up to 1,000m
Accepting larger size production without switching time and paper losses. When the toner coverage is low, a print mode that adds color belts on both sides of paper is available for the long length printing.

– Mouse-compatible operation panel
The adoption of large 15-inch display which the angle can be freely adjusted ensure high operability for user. A USB mouse can also be connected to improve operability.

– Wide media compatibility without pre-treatment
Be compatible with a wide range of media including not only ordinary and matte paper, but also glossy paper, tack paper and film essential for label production without the need for preprocessing.

– Over printing capability with accurate registration (Optional)
It enables digital 4-color printing on pre-coated media with accurate registration that is realized by newly adopted eye mark sensor.

Food grade safe toner
The toners of AccurioLabel 230 are in compliance with FDA standards by the evaluation of the authorised organisation considering the safety of indirect food packaging label.

– Banner printing capability
Printed banner can be used for long posters, signboards and an extensive range of other applications.


Excellent & Consistent Quality

High resolution 3,600 (equivalent) × 1,200dpi × 8bits
Combined with the reproductive capability of digital toner HDE, small characters and fine lines can be printed clearly and color images beautifully output in rich gradations.

– Konica Minolta’s Image processing technology S.E.A.D. V
New generation of image processing ASIC and fully automated color adjustment functions promise to provide print products with the best quality.

Simitri HDE toner
A 3D hybrid structure that contains functional polymers ensures a high level of compatibility with various types of media and enables realization of ideal natural textures with low power consumption.

– High quality screens
Equipped with a total of 12 types of screen, the system can be matched to applications and purpose such as proof output, photograph printing and moire suppression.

– Line thinning & edge enhancement technologies
Furnished with a precise outline processing function that reduces blurring and streaking to realize high quality even for color or outline characters.

– Auto-refining developing system
A new carrier is supplied together with the toner to refresh the carrier in the developer, stabilizing the developer condition to maintain high image quality throughout the system lifetime.


Outstanding Operability

Compared not only to flexography, but also liquid development and inkjet printers, AccurioLabel 230 ensures ease of maintenance. Tasks that take time on analogue machines such as color adjustments can be performed with ease on a digital machine. The ability to perform operations simply by following on-screen instructions makes it possible to operate the machine with little time needed for training.

Major specifications for AccurioLabel 230 (Printer main body only)



Print method

Dry-toner electrophotography

Color support

Full color (CMYK)

Color support

3600 dpi (equivalent) × 1200 dpi / 8 bit

Printing image size

90 × 115 to 320 × 1,195 mm

Paper width

250 to 330.2 mm

Paper thickness range

81 to 256 gsm (80 to 250 µm)

Print media

Non-tack paper (81 to 176 gsm)
Tack paper (136 to 256 gsm)
Tack coated paper G/M (136 to 256 gsm)
Tack Synthetic paper (136 to 176 gsm)
Tack PP (136 to 176 gsm)
Tack PET (136 to 216 gsm)

Print speed (Speed range)

By media weight

Max.: 23.4 m/min. (76 fpm)
High: 18.9 m/min. (62 fpm)
Middle: 13.5 m/min. (44 fpm)
Low: 9.45 m/min. (31 fpm)

81 to 176 gsm: Max. 23.4 m/min.
177 to 256 gsm: Max. 18.9 m/min.

Compatible file formats

PS, PDF (APPE supported), 8 bit TIFF

VDP file format


Power source (Single phase)

Metric: 220 to 240 V 50/60 Hz, 25 A
Inch: 208 to 240 V 60 Hz, 24 A

Max. power consumption

Metric: 6,000 W, Inch: 5,760 W

Dimensions (W × D × H)

1,200 × 903 × 1,478 mm


292 kg

* Specifications and features of the delivered product are subject to changes.


Major Specifications for Unwinder/Winder unit DP330

Maximum roll size

Ø 600mm

Power requirements

3 phase 380V, 20A, 50/60Hz

Print media

Paper: Tack paper, Non-tack paper
Film: Tack film (Synthetic paper, PP, PET) , etc.

Dimensions (W × D × H)

3,550 × 2,470 × 1,540 mm


Winding Unit: approx. 423kg
Unwinding Unit: approx. 446 kg
Platform: approx. 335 kg



Specifications for embedded controller


Embedded (AIO) type
Equivalent to IC-605B with UK-104


Intel Core i5 4570S 2.9 GHz (CPU in printer)


System Memory 16 GB


1 TB × 3 + 500 GB × 1


10/100/1000 Base-T

PDL Language

PostScript 3 (CPSI 3020), PDF Ver.1.7,
TIFF Ver.6 Compliant, PPML Ver.2.2, PCL5c equivalent,
PCL XL (PCL6 Ver.3) equivalent, APPE Ver.4.6*1,
PDF/VT Ver.2*1



OS applicable

Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008/R2, 2012/R2, 2016, 2019
(Includes 64 bit versions)
Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14

Main fonts

Adobe 136 fonts, PCL 80 fonts

Konica Minolta
applications applicable

PS Web Connection, PS Net care Device Manager,
Color Centro, AccurioPro Hot Folder

*1 UK-218 (Option) required

AccurioLabel 230 Brochure_EN