Enhancing Security Level with MOBOTIX IP Security Camera

“Your optimal intelligent IP camera”

MOBOTIX IP camera is a great innovation through a combination of technologies with a modernized design. The core competency of the MOBOTIX IP camera is decentralization technology, it is the process of dispersing functions and power away from the central location or authority. Since MOBOTIX has its memory card (SD card) built-in separated from Network Attached Storage (NAS) inside the camera itself, in case NAS is down or something unusual occurs to the system. The camera would automatically switch to use SD Card and once the situation is solved, the system will switch back to the basic function. This enables the continuity of video recording, enhancing one step further of security level. MOBOTIX is considered to be a Hi-end camera since its ability and capability is beyond just a normal security camera, MOBOTIX can process the received information and act accordingly to the situation with AI function* and other security systems to optimize the ultimate level of security.

*Only available for M73 and S74

Advance security system, Enhance decisiveness

Server down, Still operate

MOBOTIX is able to continue operating for three days or more when the power of the system is downed. In addition, every single MOBOTIX camera is operated individually, meaning, in case one camera is down, others can work normally and store every data separately with creating no effect on other cameras. As a result, this ensures that your organization is always safe and can be monitored in real-time and zero loopholes.

World-class protection & data leak qualified with MOBOTIX’s file format

Every data being transferred from MOBOTIX is encrypted and only a designated person would be able to access all files (Pictures, video et al.) including all the settings. More importantly, each access area of information will be encrypted with a different password except for recorded video from the camera will be kept separately as format MxPEG for higher security. SYSS GmbH or an organization for quality tested for corporate security had guaranteed that MOBOTIX is confirmed high security and safety for cybersecurity.

Hi-End quality and standard

MOBOTIX camera comes with a 6 million pixels resolution lens which enhances the ability of detection within the range of 20 – 120 meters. Hence, MOBOTIX’s capability can capture a crystal-clear sight of the license plate or human face detected with high resolution and applicable for necessary use. Standing out with a video capture capability flame by flame is a spectacular undeniable specification. As a result, video quality, resolution, and in each flame in every single scene within the video is beyond an ordinary security camera. ‘Enable the next level of security system, the ultimate level of security

“Seeing in the dark”

Creates visibility in the dark. MOBOTIX’s camera lens contains an infrared sensor which comes with a combination of moonlight technology, in other words, exposure compensation technology, and high-end quality security camera lens which emerge the ability to see in the dark. This capability lifts the ability of night shift security level and MOBOTIX can process and analyze in which area is at risk of accidents and prevent such risk before it is too late.

Durability and Long-life span

MOBOTIX Camera is designed and manufactured in Germany with high-end quality materials. It is formed and made of one piece of material which is not allowed to be cracked open or separated in any parts or any circumstances. As a result, MOBOTIX is renowned as a highly durable camera both physically and in functionality. It is qualified and guaranteed by IP66 (Ingress Protection Rating), besides, for a specific model of MOBOTIX is heat durable verified and suitable for industrial use in which the MOBOTIX can notify a user when there is an unusual situation detected or perceive to be at risk such as the temperature level in such area is too high or too low exceeding the safety limit. Therefore, the moderator can step in and solve the problem beforehand to prevent an unexpected loss.

Variety of Safety functions suitable for all kinds of the business corporation.

Every model of MOBOTIX is well designed for designated purposes answering every single customer need whether it is for outdoor, indoor, or 360 degrees, and an AI camera, MOBOTIX is available for every purpose. Even more, MOBOTIX can be adapted to tens of thousands of features to fit all the needs, enhance the security level within your organization and unlock the ultimate level of protection beyond your imagination.

Features for organization safety and user guideline prototype.

Access control Automation,

License plate detected

Movement detected,

Accurate and precise even in the dark (Exposure compensation technology),

Infrared system

Supported multiple AI features for various multiple purposes

  • Face Recognition to protect trespasser.
  • Detect unusual human behavior that might lead to unlawful acts (MX Analytic).
  • Count the number of people access in and out of the facility plus analyzing what time is the highest and the lowest frequency of entrance.
  • Measuring body temperature, recorded and notify abnormal body temperature by using thermal radiometry technology.
  • Check and control the density of people within the specific area regarding preventing an unexpected situation such as an accident or in case of quarantine area under specific command from the government to the matters of related issue.
  • Heat and smoke detected for protecting fire incidents or any possible related circumstances.
  • Protect intrusion to a specific area by detecting and notifying the authority of the commander in chief to prevent such incident and losses for various purposes
  • Detect and notify when there are people caught in an accident or even better sending out an alarm when noticing abnormal behavior which might lead to serious injuries or related conditions health issues. This would possibly save people’s lives or at least from severe stage risk of losing lives and eventually decrease people’s death rate.

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