Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Grow the Business Expeditiously with ERP Solutions
From Konica Minolta

The ready-to-use enterprise applications for managing and planning business resources to maximize efficiency which compiled various modules and forms to meet each business sector’s need at one place while reducing escalated costs from using multiple software and operation sophistication. 

Ease of use through the web-based application for all smart devices and can connect to other API systems to automatically transmit pre-defined data. For instance, SAP and notifications via email and directly to smartphone.

Konica Minolta comprehends the different needs in each person. We have compiled basic forms which are easy to use and cover essential functions for all profession without programming or IT knowledge needed.


 Product inquiry
 Proposition and price consideration
 Check the delivery status from history and problem report
 Download or print invoice, tax invoice and receipts

Field Officer

 Coordinate with office team efficiently
 Van sales support
 After sales and onsite service
Transportation management

Procurement, Finance, Account and HR

 AR/AP, GL and financial report
 Petty cash and advance payment
 Fixed asset system
Cheque receive-payment management
 HR workflow and payroll

Sales, Dealer and Franchise

 Product catalog
 Price and promotion checking
 Stock movement
 Calculate and report commission
 Sales report implementation


 Data authentication
 Check data editing history (Audit Log)
 Backup & Restoration
 System Health Report☑ ตรวจสอบประวัติการแก้ไขข้อมูล (Audit Log)

Management and Entrepreneur

 Real-time dashboard and management report
 Notify trough email and application in smartphone
 Sales forecast
 E-approval workflow
 Work performance tracking in overall or on specific person

ERP system is highly flexible and capable to apply to meet the various needs in both general and specific business groups

Support both Business to Business
and Business to Customer Categories

Online & Offline
Marketing Channel

Import & Export

Van Sales


Sales, Procurement & Dropship

Konica Minolta’s ERP solutions is competent to store the complex and various customer data within a single import e.g. personal data, purchasing behavior, spending amount and frequency of order.

Mass Email

Lead & Sales Pipeline

Task Assignments 
& Sales Progress Monitoring

Access to Customer
& Orders

Appointment & Task
(Google Calendar

User can easily select the best fit operation module which suit each work sections and also customize basic forms to maximize work efficiency.

CRM, product pricing, promotion,  commission calculation, create or approve quotation, sales order, billing and sales analysis report.

Supplier information, purchase history, notification system and automatically create purchase orders, purchase order approval, order status tracking and reports.

Create unlimited location, real-time stock status tracking, connect to sales orders, purchase orders, requisition forms, production orders and delivery notes.

Set budgets and track the financial status, income and expense of each project. Connect with other relevant information such as plans, person in charge with the project and other important forms.

Store cashier, full and abbreviated tax invoice, pre-define to check or not check stock before selling, check stock across branches, set promotion, set discount, support multiple branches or franchise businesses and can work  offline.

Selling online by transmitting product information, prices and stock from the main system, support self-customization on a shop, insert description and attach product image. As well as determining  which products will be sold online.

Set up BOM, production procedures, standard costs, connect to sales task, procure stock, issue production orders, plan and production control and measure production efficiency.

Supports both simple and standard production cost system, all costs can be set in the cost document which is easy to proceed the production and automatically record.

Arrange car queue, goods picking sheet, control transported car, store car information, insurance and maintenance history and driver information.

Supports both periodic and perpetual inventory systems, petty cash, advance payment, asset registration.

Employee information, leave history,  time attendance and salary.

Withholding tax return, special accounts of withholding tax and remittances, inventory reports, product and raw materials reports, balance sheet reports,  account receivable-payable reports in individual or categories.