E-Approval Workflow Solutions

A paperless approval document workflow software in web-based application platform which is easy to use and competent to design numerous basic approval documents that cover all needs of each department in the organization and can liberally approve anywhere and anytime without fundamental programming knowledge needed.

The key features include specifying approval condition, routing and designing of authority to ensure documents are promptly reviewed and approved. All data and activities are recorded through the Microsoft’s cloud which allows to examine and export the report summary at all time. Apparently, it’s capable to enhance work efficiency and reduce document task expenses at the same time.

Submit Requested Form

 Configurate basic forms or newly design using desirable functions.

 Specify approval authority, condition and send to approver.

Review or Approval Document

• Capable to check the approval workflow before proceeding. For instance, the route of approval, person in charge, additional information or attachments for progressive accuracy in approval.

Confirm Action Taking

 Support approving and rejecting via web browser and other smart devices.

In case of incomplete information, the requested form can be returned to rework or input more information.

Store Document

• After taking action, all data will be stored safely on Microsoft Office 365’s cloud server*. Report can be exported in PDF file or tracked the work-list e.g. requester, comment, approval, rejection or even delegation of authority.

* Microsoft Office 365 installation is needed

Ready to Use Solutions
• Ease of use, the system can be operated promptly without any programming and IT knowledge needed.

Less Cost
• No additional fee
• All modules can be used with one time investment.
• Perform system improvement in every quarter,
thus, minimize request change fee.

Approve Anywhere and Anytime
• Support various web browsers and
smart device application on both iOS and Android system.