In the printing industry, speed and cost are the two most important factors in the success of a business. Now, thanks to the AccurioShine 3600, you have a new weapon in your arsenal to meet the demanding needs of today’s printing requirements and take care of the business end of your company. The AccurioShine 3600 is a standalone solution for adding 2D and 3D effects in gloss or foil at a reasonable cost without the complicated steps of conventional systems. Fully digital, featuring industry-leading automatic scanning technology and an eco-friendly LED dryer, all at an impressively compact size.

AccurioShine 3600 with iFoilOne


In-house, full-production and prototype-finishing spot UV varnishing without the need for screens, plates or dies. The AccurioShine 3600 is fully equipped to allow you to provide a broader range of finishes at an impressively small footprint.

Using a single varnish formula, the AccurioShine 3600 digitally produces a variety of effects on a wide range of substrate stocks and media. Create both 2D and 3D finishes on paper, plastics, synthetics and cartons from 135 to 450 gsm. Add coatings to printed materials including offset and digital inks, lamination films and aqueous coatings.

Use the workstation touchscreen to manage jobs using the intuitive software suite and Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner®. The intelligent and flexible automatic registration system allows you to easily create print files with perfect front-to-back registration on every sheet with minimal waste.

The AccurioShine 3600 features a closed/circuit system, leaves no ink or varnish residue, and is designed to prevent any cleaning or material waste between jobs, helping you to reduce paper, varnish and electrical consumption.

Nothing makes an impression like individually customised items gilded in gold. For the first time ever, you can emboss variable data jobs with the ground-breaking iFoil One. This optional unit can be added to your system to enable show-stopping metallic foil elements in your print work in both 2D and 3D on all the same surfaces as gloss. Fully digitalised, variable and integrated.

Shorter lead times and a simple job set-up make it simple to add highly profitable special effects to any print job. Optional additions including the Corona Treatment System (CTS) and Automatic PDF File Converter open the door to even more possibilities.




Printing technologyKonica Minolta’s exclusive inkjet engine technology
 Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology
 Piezoelectric printheads, developed and manufactured by Konica Minolta
 Single-pass printing
 Flexible printing architecture
Coating thicknessDepending on your file, the inks used and the type of surface of your sheet, the coating thickness can vary
 Laminated and aqueous coating: 21 um – 116 um for 3D-raised effects and Toner and coated paper: 30 um – 116 um for 3D-raised effects and a tactile finish
 Lowest possible thickness using dithering mode: 7 um (substrate permitting) tactile finish
Production speed2D/flat mode: Up to 2,077 A3 sheets per hour (with 21 μm)
 3D/raised mode: Up to 1,260 A3 sheets per hour (with 51 μm)
 Up to 547 A3 sheets per hour (with 116 μ)
 RegistrationUses the Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner® for full real-time automated sheet-to-sheet registration process; no crop marks required, registration accuracy to ± 200 μm
FormatsMin: 210 x 297 mm (A4)
 Max: 364 x 750 mm
Substrate thicknessMin: 135 gsm and not less than 150 μm before printing and lamination
 Max: 450 gsm and not more than 450 μm with printing and lamination
 Motorized height-adjustment printheads
SubstratesPrinting on most matte or glossy laminated surfaces, with or without aqueous coating, layered paper, plastic, PVC and other coated materials
 Printing directly on most digital prints with no lamination or coating required
UV coatings and capacity10 litres (2.6 gal.) tank capacity
High-capacity automatic paper feederVacuum belt feeding system
 Able to handle a paper pile up to ± 28 cm (11”) approximately 2,250 sheets at 135 gsm
 All paper formats from A4 up to 36.4 x 75 cm (14.3” x 29.5”)
Paper exit trayTray able to handle a paper pile:
 Up to 15 cm (5.9”) approximately 1,250 sheets at 135 gsm
 Approximately 1,250 sheets at 135 gsm
 All paper formats from Letter up to 36.4 x 75 cm (14.3” x 29.5”)
 No paper extensions available
 Automatic tray full sensor
Paper path100% flat paper path
 Vacuum-feed system
 Air-feed system
 Automatic double-sheet detection
 In-line LED dryer
 On-the-fly drying and curing via integrated LED dryer
Maintenance and remote technical supportDaily maintenance completed in less than 10 minutes
 Majority of procedures are automated
 Automatic cleaning system
 From cold start to production in less than 10 minutes
 Remote troubleshooting & support via included video/web camera (highspeed Internet connection required)
Pilot panelIntegrated user-friendly LCD touchscreen
OptionsiFoil One
 Automatic PDF File Converter (using RIP PC-C1)
 VDP barcode scanner
 Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner® lighting for metalized substrates
 Corona Treatment System (CTS)
 Ozone filter (only available when CTS option is also fitted)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4.02 x 1.20 x 1.80 m (13.19’ x 3.94’ x 5.91’) Necessary clearance: 1 m (3.3’) on all 4 sides
Weight± 1,068 kg (2,355 lb)
Electrical requirementsFor Europe and the majority of the world: 7.5 kW (32 A) at 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz -2 plugs CEE/IP44 32A(1P+N+PE)
 For USA/Canada only: 7.5 kW (30A) at 208-240 Volts 50/60 Hz -2 Nema plugs L6-30P (30A 250V, 2P 3 Wires)
Operating requirementsTemperature: 18°C – 30°C (64°F – 86°F) Environment relative humidity: 30 – 50% (no condensation) Optimum: 22°C (72°F), 40% humidity
Average yearly duty cycle±600,000 pages in 36 x 52 cm format
Respecting the environmentEliminates resource waste (wasted electricity, paper and varnish)
 No plates (offset) or screens (screen printing)
 No cleanup or preparation between jobs
 Drastic reduction in consumables and use of bulk packaging
 Coating without volatile solvent
The default sheet format is A3, unless otherwise stated:
1) with an additional option installed
2) speed will vary according to printing parameter used
3) confirm substrate/toner compatibility with Konica Minolta
FormatsMin.: 21 x 29.7 cm (8" x 11.8")
 Max.: 36.4 x 75 cm (14.3" x 29.5")
 When using the latest upgrade kit Exit Motor Roller V4
Supported varnish thicknessMin.: 36 μm
 Max.: 116 μm
Substrate typesCoated paper (best)
 Matte or gloss laminated surfaces
 Surfaces with or without aqueous coating
 Surfaces with or without lamination film
 Layered paper
Average foiling speed30 meter per minute
Number of areas per sheetUp to 3 stamp areas per SRA3 sheet
 Up to 5 stamp areas per 75 cm sheet (minimum separationdistance 10 cm)
Foil specificationsStandard foil core: 1 inch (braking system)
 Foil length: Max. 400 m (do not exceed)
 Foil width (roll width): Min. & Max. 320 mm
Foil processing temperature110°C is the default setting for M Series Foils
 Min.: 80°C
 Max.: 130°C
Paper exit trayAccurioShine 3600 paper exit tray (PET) will be refitted to iFoil One upon installation
 Max. height: 15 cm (5.9") approximately 1,250 sheets at 135 g/m2
InterfaceEasy-to-use settings through JVTI software
Footprint (iFoil One alone)Length: 138 cm (with PET: 183 cm)
 Width: 124 cm
 Weight: 504 kg
Electrical requirements2 plugs CEE 17 IP44 32A (32A 250V, 1P+N+PE)

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