Interface, Screen and Devices Testing

Touch screens are a standard in mobile devices, cash registers, information kiosks, household appliances and electronic devices. For these devices to present information clearly and accurately, the performance and quality of the display is of utmost importance.

The display must be capable of presenting information that is readable under different visual conditions. If the devices are intended to be used in dark or low-level lighting environment, its display must emit enough light to reduce adaptation strain and discomfort glare while maintaining legibility. If the devices are to be used under bright ambient light environment, its display panel must have enough contrast to be readable.

Contrast and color are 2 important measures of a display’s performance and both varies significantly under different viewing angles and lighting conditions. It is important that measurements are taken at a range of angles that the user might use under various ambient light levels. Beside contrast, color and view angles, measures of a display’s performance also include:

• White balance inspection
• Gamma/grayscale inspection
• Flicker measurement
• Color gamut measurement
• Pixel defects inspection
• Anti-glare sparkle effects evaluation

With display technologies evolving rapidly, display testing is increasingly complicated and confusing for developers. Whether you are looking for information or seeking a solution to characterize your display, check out our range of display and light testing solutions.

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