On Demand Print


Offering optimal print solutions for a wide-range of customer needs with On Demand Print (ODP)

Konica Minolta offers On Demand Print (ODP) to meet the outsourcing needs of corporate customers. The service ranges from printing on paper of various sizes and types, and applying the final finish and processing, to design and layout, catering to a variety of uses for the printouts.We also cater to the need for the printing of confidential materials and large-volume jobs.

In addition, we can station our coordinators at our corporate customers who have in house print centers to support the operation and management of those centers.

Helping advertising agencies create more eye-catching presentational materials

For advertising agencies, the ability to create attention grabbing materials for their clients is vital. They need to be able to produce eye-catching high-resolution color prints and use interesting bindings for their printed materials so that their clients can easy grasp the advertising concepts. For projects that require a variety of small-batch materials, the printing process alone can be complex and time-consuming. Making time for reprinting is often impossible when last minute modifications or changes of scenario have to be made.


To cater to the needs of advertising agencies, Konica Minolta’s group company, Kinko’s Japan Co., Ltd. offers On Demand Print (ODP), a service for producing prints in the most appropriate ways for post processing and binding, in required quantities as necessary — any time, any place.

Kinko’s is ready to provide printing services finely-tuned to individual customer needs with their nationwide network of stores, online ordering system, and teams of dedicated sales personnel. Customers just need to send their data to Kinko’s and describe the finishing formats they want. Then they receive the highest quality prints without no extra time and effort. For example, by sending the data to Kinko’s at midnight, the customer can receive printed copies at one of the Kinko’s stores the next morning. All Kinko’s stores are equipped with high-speed color printers capable of producing beautiful prints from photographs and computer graphics on papers of various thicknesses and textures.
Therefore, Kinko’s can meet customer needs for printed materials with various specifications in any quantity starting with a single print.

Through ODP, we bring attention-grabbing presentation material to our customers on time with no extra time and effort.