IoT Security & Monitoring Solution

IoT Security and Monitoring Solution

MOBOTIX, high quality smart IP camera which integrates Decentralized System Architecture with video management console and superior image processing. For example, data analytics, behavior analysis and thermographic technology. MOBOTIX supports various applications without using a server to manage and process. It’s capable to work consistently even when network has crashed. When the network is usable, all data will be automatically recorded on NAS in real-time. Therefore, not only monitoring and security but also enhances work process and optimizes efficiency in limited resource management. In addition, it helps preventing mistakes and allows you to manage business wisely.

MOBOTIX is Suitable for Every Business Sector

Manufacturing Industry

Maintain stability in manufacturing: 
High efficiency in monitoring and security systems is required for manufacturing. With thermographic image technology, MOBOTIX can detect and warn temperature that exceeds the pre-setting even under complete darkness to take control of the emergency promptly.

Service Industry

Detect every movement: 
Intelligent image processing system is capable to record clearly on objects, moving at speed such as car’s license plate which enter and exit service centers. It also alerts car that runs on exceeding speed limit or out of the way. Therefore, security system will be refurbished.

Transportation Industry

Enhance safety for transportation system: 
Thermal Radiometry (TR) will automatically generate an alarm if the temperature exceeds or falls below the pre-defined range. So, it can verify threats, crimes and machine operations in public transport to enhance safety and reduce downtime.

Retail Business

Analyze data and customer behavior: 
Manage retail business wisely by analyzing traffic and movement (duration, direction, speed) which contribute the management in customer density, product shelf design and selecting the most effective sales promotion.

Financial Institution

Capture financial transaction image: 
With 6MP high resolution camera, MOBOTIX is capable to record financial transactions clearly even the image and color of banknote while delivering to the recipient’s hand. This picture can be used as a proof of accuracy and clarity in financial institution’s operation.

Medical institution

Ease of verification and access: 
Monitor and maintain a real-time security. Recorded images from all cameras can be displayed anytime in the control center’s monitor by connecting internet browser. It supplements the security system for medical institutions where are open 24 hours.

Educational Institution

Monitor all areas and prevent unauthorized entry: 
Monitor and prevent the unexpected event in educational institution by high resolution cameras which cover all areas with 360° angle. In addition, the pre-setting automatic alarm can prevent suspected person who enter after business hours.



Global Security System in MOBOTIX

With cutting-edge 6MP sensor technology, the IP cameras deliver brilliant images even in poor light conditions. MOBOTIX developed the royalty-free MxPEG video codec specifically for security applications. Videos are transmitted in a compressed format with MxPEG, but each individual frame is razor-sharp – not a single detail is lost. With decentralized architecture, the cameras can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and the solution is scalable. It can analyze motion and distinguish objects by size based on perspectives so that false alarms will be reduced.