OneRate (A Consistent Monthly Fee Service)

With hasty and sophisticated work, more documents are printed via the multifunction printers on each day. The monthly payment trends to be increased and fluctuated according to the different usage quantity, as the result of the uncontrollable and predicable costs to come. Moreover, an accounting department needs to spend time on unnecessarily calculating and examining the invoices. And frequently faces with the problem of mismatched amount between user report and meter report.

How can you ensure the current monthly payment is cost-effective without hidden fees and includes all service coverage without any overage charges?



“One Consistent Monthly Service Fee”

which aims to reduce costs associated with print and reduces hassles process in examining invoices. With ONERATE™, you will get the benefit in predictability, reliability, dependability, security and safety. Most importantly you will have peace of mind with expert remote and on-site support by skilled staffs to help you achieve maximum productivity.

Predictable Accounting

In business, predictability is a valuable asset on the path to sustained success. At Konica Minolta, we strive to deliver a predictable and positive customer experience in all aspects of our business exchange. ONERATE™ is designed to provide you with maximum predictability now, and in the years to come.

Why spend time gathering and reconciling print-related usage and invoices? ONERATEremoves accounting tasks that are a burden to your business.

Work more efficiently and devote more time to your core activities with:
Konica Minolta Standard Dependability

A Software which provides state-of-the-art machine-to-machine communication between bizhub output devices and the Konica Minolta service organization to analyze and maximize the operation performance.

A management and problem solving software for multifunction printers incorporated with technical support team to remotely check the multifunction printer operation.

Enhancing Security and Safety

ONERATE™ program participants will be given special privileges to use BitDefender antivirus software without paying additional license fees*. The transmitted incoming and outgoing data through multifunction printers will be examined and scanned to prevent virus and cyber-attack. This makes using your multi-function printer connected to the internet is easy and secured. Moreover, give a peace of mind to automatically update new virus database to ensure that there is no virus, escape and damage your valuable data. And you can also customize and scan settings as needed.

* Unless the user wishes to remove this function.

All multifunction printers in ONERATE™ also include Konica Minolta’s award-winning security service – bizhub SECURE – the best security service in the industry and the advanced bizhub SECURE Platinum service.

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