Production Printing Solutions


PrintShop Mail is a software solution that allows users to create dynamic, database-driven documents quickly and easily. This dynamic solution allows the personalisation of promotional communications by varying text, graphics, barcodes, or entire layouts based on information found in a database.

Compatible with Windows and Macintosh, PrintShop Mail is available in many languages such as English and French as well as the major European and Asian languages. By simply dragging and dropping database fields onto the document layout, this simple-to-use software automatically creates a link between the database fields and the document. PrintShop Mail gives an instant preview and provides a powerful resource-checking option.

Key Features
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Expression wizard for creating conditions
  • High-speed optimised output generation
  • Unrestricted access to any networked printer’s paper handling and finishing features (Optimised Postscript, PPML, PPML/VDX, PDF, VIPP, PDF/VT, VPS)
  • N-up, step-and-repeat and print through-the-stack
  • Subset finishing with access to all printer functionality
  • Scalable Licensing

DirectSmile VDP Studio easily turns static communication into relevant, high-value customised communication that boosts sales and increase margins. Print service providers can build customer loyalty and grow organisation value with the creation of effective, impactful and personalised communication collateral via cross media platforms. With the intelligent use of data, businesses can achieve greater effectiveness and a higher response rate from a perfectly targeted campaign through personalisation.

DirectSmile VDP Studio also offers reliable production even at high print volumes. Compatible with Adobe lnDesign and including customisation options within one integrated workflow, a wide array of layouts can be quickly created without operators having to learn another application, saving production time and money.

Key Features
  • Design Editor for creation of individual image sets, supports Clip Fonts, Picture
  • Automated database-driven creation of personalised images
  • Adobe InDesign-based document creation including support of lnDesign layers
  • Linking of layout elements or layers to database
  • Multiple output formats including PDF, PPML, JLYT
  • Imposition Tool for optimised sheet utilisation
  • Supports and includes Barcode module

Combining efficient prepress management with easy-to-use make-ready functionality, Printgroove POD Ready enables quick and easy previewing and editing of PDF documents before production. Targeted at the light production market such as print and copy shops, CPs and CRDs, this convenient prepress management solution can be integrated or operate as a stand-alone application.

Key Features
  • Imposition schemes support all output options available on the output devices, such as perfect binding and booklet making
  • Simulating the transmission of the print data to the output device, the pre-flight and print preview tool detects possible problems such as the embedding of fonts
  • Scanning of paper jobs makes combining paper originals and electronic files into one simple and straightforward job; to optimise scans, functions like deskew and despeckle are also provided
  • Printgroove POD Ready connects to software programs such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Quite Imposing

Preps imposition is an industry-leading prepress solution tailored for different workflow environments such as computer-to-plate (CTP) device, image-setter, on-demand digital press and the wide-format proofer.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, this software allows print professionals to easily plan and automatically impose multiple pages of a publication in an accurate and logical order as well as maximise the usage of print sheets with ganged flatwork impositions. Work “on the fly” in an interactive workspace that provides fast and accurate native previewing, and save time and disk space with the store templates functionality.

Preps software is used in standalone PDF environments, eliminating the reliance on third-party applications. Highly compatible, it can be fully integrated with all popular workflow solutions, including Prinergy systems, Agfa ApogeeX, Rampag and TrueFlow.

Key Features
  • Advanced Run List View provides a live PDF preview with detailed and accurate job information of each page
  • Assembly view provides drag-and-drop control over complex product assemblies
  • AutoGang: Interactive job ganging
  • Intelligent SmartMarks feature
  • Production definition controls
  • Seamless PDF workflow, JDF and CIP3 Support
  • Seamless integration with Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions

The ColorGATE Productionserver family is a centralised colour management system that ensures excellent colour management across different printing platforms with optimum colour replication and consistent reproduction. Designed based on international standards such as ISO, Fogra and GRACoL, ColorGATE Productionserver enables printing of the most demanding and intricate graphic art with ease.

With optional extra modules, ColorGATE Productionserver enhances ICC profiling, colour proofing and quality assurance. Adobe PDF Print Engine 2 (APPE) can be used with any printer to increase print productivity and quality even further. Customers are now able to improve productivity and ensure high-quality printing automatically while reducing investment and production costs.

Key Features
  • Simple-to-use GUI with flexible functionalities that cater to all levels of print professionals.
  • Linearisation and profiling assistant guides the user reliably through all relevant settings.
  • Supports up to several hundred printer drivers for the most different printing systems and digital printing applications of leading manufacturers.
  • Easy-to-use assistant from the user interface facilitates creation and iterative optimisation of G7compliant tonal value calibrations.
  • Powerful recalibration technology Media Device Synchronisation (MDS) corrects colour shifts automatically and reinstates the quality of the original output profile.

ColorFlow is a powerful colour control solution that integrates all the colour elements and devices in a hybrid print production environment- digital and analog presses, proofers, scanners and display devices- on a single unified platform.

This solution delivers colour relationship management that unifies the entire colour control elements such as ICC device profiles, Device link profiles, and plate and print curves.

In addition, ColorFlow can automate colour adjustments, aligns curves and profiles within a single, unified platform. Thus, increasing productivity while reducing inconsistency, eliminating manual tasks and enabling the print service provider to exceed customer expectations.

Key Features
  • Available as a standalone colour management solution as well as compatible to be integrated with Kodak Prinergy Workflow
  • Supports international PDF/X data exchange formats (and associated ICC standards), as well as JDF job control specifications
  • Comprehensive print condition reporting tools assists in troubleshooting
  • Automatic updates when colour adjustments are required while device conditions change
  • Grey balanced curves using unique algorithms for a balanced colour match
  • Ink Optimising as an options module for improved print quality through greater print stability and reduced ink costs
  • Fully endorsed ISO printing system standardisation

Color Centro & FD-5BT is a hybrid colour management tool that integrates with Konica Minolta IC-601, giving commercial printers a complete colour solution.

Color Centro is a bundled colour management application with Konica Minolta’s developed controller IC-601, specially designed to complement the performance of the bizhub PRESS colour series.

FD-5BT is an innovative Spectrodensitometer specially designed by Konica Minolta Sensing for the graphic industry. It allows users to measure the colour of printed materials on colour modes MO and M2, enabling colour evaluation under llluminant D50, the printing industry’s standard light source used for colour evaluation. This enables improved measurement of printed colours, beyond the capabilities of a conventional spectrophotometer. Another unique feature of the FD-5BT is its wireless capability, which enables users to conduct spot measurement away from their workstation.

By combining the Color Centro utility and FD-5BT, customers can easily conform to the upcoming digital production printing standards.

Key Features
  • Uniquely corresponds to Measurement Condition M1 of ISO 13655
  • Konica Minolta’s original VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard) technology allows for L*a*b* measurements that correspond to ISO 13655 Measurement Condition M1 (CIE llluminant 050)
  • Colour measurements corresponding to ISO 13655
    Measurement Conditions MO (CIE llluminant A) and M2 (illumination with UV-cut filter) can be taken easily and quickly
  • Simultaneously perform wavelength compensation with white calibration with no additional work required
  • Enables colour measurements that correspond very closely to visual evaluation
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and easy operation with an LCD screen guide.
  • Simple measurement of density, dot gain, dot area ratio, illumination, and colour

Offering comprehensive print queue management, Printgroove POD Queue targets mid-sized companies dealing with multiple digital printers and high production volumes. The application effectively manages and edits print queues by linking multiple output devices across the production floor including control of processes, tasks, capacities and devices. As a result, the entire hardware is utilised with maximum efficiency, achieving a perfectly streamlined workflow.

Key Features
  • 2-way communication provides real-time status control and output status monitoring
  • Last-minute job ticket editing
  • Cluster printing and Colour Split
  • Hot folder functionality
  • Printgroove POD Queue available on a pre-installed server

E Flo Expedite and E Flo Discovery integrated modules are Web-to-Print solutions that accentuate the E Pro Print MIS platform. These user-friendly and convenient web-based solutions equip print providers with a cost-effective personalised online storefront that provides their customers with a differentiated customer experience.

Key Features
  • Customisable retail storefronts
  • Template editing
  • Stock call-off
  • Order history



Print Management Information Systems (Print MIS) provide professional printing companies business critical information on demand. E Pro enables printing companies to fully automate their print business processes, from estimation to invoicing. These web-based solutions provide small and mid-sized printing companies with 24/7 access to their business data, business analysis and cost-effective shop floor management.

Key Features