Offering optimal print solutions for a wide-range of customer needs with On Demand Print (ODP)

Konica Minolta wishes to provide you the finest printing experience by our latest digital printing technology. You will get the highest printing quality, reduce the restrictions of the jobs and also reduce time and expenses.

Konica Minolta offers On Demand Print (ODP) to meet the outsourcing needs of corporate customers. The service ranges from printing on paper of various sizes and types, and applying the final finish and processing, catering to a variety of uses for the printouts.We also cater to the need for the printing of confidential materials and large-volume jobs.


Invitation Card

Tent Card




Name card

Sticker label


High-Quality printing
that meet the criteria.

Servicing and Consulting
by professionals.

Diminish the expenses
and communication time

Eliminate the restriction
of the printing quantity.

Reasonable price
according to the
printing quality.