Streamline your business processes with
workflow and collaboration solutions.

Scan, index from your
Konica Minolta MFP

Sync and access your documents offline

KOMI Workflow
Design electronic approval workflow

*For the availability of the module, please contact your local Konica Minolta’s Representative.

KOMI eForm
Create dynamic forms on the fly securely with custom workflows

KOMI Doc Office Manager
Push your Microsoft documents directly to portal

KOMI Search
Search from your third-party applications by keyboard shortcut

KOMI Mobile
Access documents from iOS, Android mobile phones and tables

KOMI Guest
Online document sharing
for external partner

KOMI Safe Box
Safeguard your documents with advanced security


With KOMI Doc, you can unleash your digital potential; transferring your paper-based processes into an electronic workflow to manage your operations more efficiently in 5 key areas.
Improve Communication
  • With KOMI Doc platform, you can consolidate and share information with your ecosystem – internal business units, teams, external suppliers and/or even your customers.
  • For Corporate and branding purpose, you can also customise KOMI Doc’s interface and login page with your corporate logo and colours for a professional, branded experience.
  • Keep track of your communication in the business process with discussion thread tied to documents.
Automate Process
  • Build customised Workflows in minutes using the in-built wizard to interact with your business contacts and speed up document communication and notifications.
  • Automatically assign task to a specific user or a department when a document needs to be reviewed or approved.
Search and Retrieve
  • Search, retrieve instantly any document right from your business software tool.
  • Get a real-time access to the most recent version of a document.
Control your business
  • Supervise in real time the completion of tasks, the status of every request and follow your team’s progress.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all your workflow processes
Work Anywhere, Anytime
  • Access your company’s information anywhere, anytime right from your mobile devices with KOMI Doc’s mobile app.
  • Stay connected to the key documents and business processes and process your pending tasks while On-The-Go.


Whatever your needs, we’re up to the challenge.
With multiple advanced features, KOMI Doc will transform the way you work and collaborate. Simple to use, it will help to speed up your filing process, and improve efficiency in document search.

Seamlessly integrated with Konica Minolta’s Multi-Function Printers (MFP), KOMI IWS allows you to file scanned paper documents directly into an online KOMI Cloud/ KOMI Doc document management space. Search and retrieval of documents is easy with KOMI Doc’s intuitive search feature via the MFP control panel whereby documents can then be printed out directly from KOMI Cloud DMS.

Admin Console

The admin console allows the assignment of user access and permissions as and when required. Easily oversees groups and users, manage access rights to projects and documents, and delegate tasks so you can start collaborating.

Document Management

Digitise your paper documents and store them in the cloud. Benefit from the platform’s quick and easy setup, without any need to maintain the server

Document Search and Retrieval

Easily locate and retrieve documents in any file format using a simple search box or create your own advanced search criteria

Document Search and Retrieval

Easily locate and retrieve documents in any file format using a simple search box or create your own advanced search criteria

Version Control

Eliminate the need to manually sort and track your documents version with KOMI Doc’s version control. View what was changed, when and by whom.

Online Workspaces

With KOMI Doc’s smart collaboration tool, you can invite others to edit, review and comment on your documents in real time, enabling collaboration online with ease.

Workflow Manager

The ready to deploy yet easily extensible Workflow Manager engine of KOMI Doc provides you the possibility to set-up standard and advanced document routing and approval processes, just by drag and drop.

Mobile App

Access, manage, file and retrieve your documents On-The-Go with KOMI Doc’s mobile app. It is now possible for you to collaborate and stay connected, anytime anywhere.

Security and Confidentiality

Have peace of mind while collaborating on content and sharing information online with KOMI Doc’s security features which include encryption, multi-factor authentication, digital watermarks, access rights control, and other top-level security features etc


1. Manage all your information within a single platform

Benefit from a global collaboration platform which enables you to publish, manage, share, validate, store, … all types of documents regardless of format (paper, electronic, emails etc.) with all volume types.

2. Grow at your own pace

With KOMI Doc, you can simply start with a project within a department and gradually add users and business processes to cover a wider functional scope.

3. Secure your sensitive information

With KOMI Doc, benefit from advanced security technology, ensuring you high level confidentiality.

4. Improve your exchanges

Other than great user experience, KOMI Doc stands out with its intuitiveness and speeds up information circulation among various departments.

5. Achieve substantial savings

By setting you free from paper, KOMI Doc will bring you a quick return on investment and savings in operational costs.