Dispatcher Phoenix



Automated document management software combine with OCR Technology of Konica Minolta that help capturing and scanning documents information which will be able to classify, customize and convert files to precisely grouping and exporting document to destination folder, cloud network or other online systems. Conveniently searching and browsing information lead to better working efficiency and time saving.


Multiple capturing methods

Dispatcher Phoenix offer multiple methods of capturing documents and information. It can be operated directly from the MFP or receive data via folder, e-mail, mobile device, Google Cloud Print, User box of MFP and batch scanning workstation or direct print stream


Full Integration with the MFP

Document can be scanned directly from the MFP. Users can index the documents, browse through PC folder structure to store document, use a search field with  type-ahead to quickly filter the list of displayed folders and create new folders.

Simplicity plus power

Users can automatically collect, process and distribute files and also annotate, rename, OCR, split and distribute documents to desired destination.

Workflow Builder Tool

A graphical based workflow builder tool features drag-and-drop icon and drawing tools. User can customize as needed making the creation of workflows easier than ever.


Cloud system connection

Users can send file automatically to variety of outputs and store on Cloud system, Share Point, Google Drive and Hyland OnBase.

Output Into databases or xml data

Dispatcher Phoenix offer output into databases as well as xml data

Content & Document

Flexible scheduling

You can schedule Network-Intensive process and document management operation to maximize network performance and free up bandwidth and also choose the specific days and / or times when the it should run. The workflow can also run in the background while PC is on, even without opening the Dispatcher Phoenix application.

With Dispatcher Phoenix, you can design your document management workflow and distribute operation automatically which consists of

Extracting data from documents

Converting files to PDF or Office formats

Renaming files and applying annotations

Watermarking files

Connecting to ODBC-compliant databases

Routing documents to folders, FTP servers, MFPs, or e-mail recipients