High performance digital printers that designed to deliver what you expect with the enhancing technology for higher quality printing combine with wide colour gamut AccurioPress C83hc High Chroma toner will comes off with the best quality and help expanding the new printing business opportunities for you.


Power of colour reproduction

CMYK ink or toner has a narrow gamut of colours such as pink, purple and bright green, colours tend to become dull or muddy when printing RGB images. As the world’s only digital printer that uses a new toner free of the restrictions imposed by the colour gamut of conventional toners, the AccurioPress C83hc offers a great solution to such problems.

Enhanced light blue/green
Digital Printer with the combination of a wider colour gamut and high chroma cyan toner, bright blues and greens can be maintained much more effectively than what can be achieved with CMYK toner based systems.

Enhanced pink/purple/magenta
Vivid bright in pink and purple colour with the AccurioPress C83hc makes it possible for graphic designers to create eye-catching posters and POP, making it a point of difference from fellow printers.

The wider colour gamut with the digital printer, AccurioPress C83hc means that colours closer to RGB can be obtained. The printed image will be more natural and impressive when compared to an image produced on a conventional CMYK system. The expansion of spot colour reproduction is useful for printing company logos, POP with high impact, packaging and poster creation.

Superb colour reproduction

• A unique electro-photo print system that produces colours close to sRGB; something that cannot be achieved with CMYK print systems
• When in print mode, colours close to sRGB and CMYK can be obtained with the one system on the panel of the digital printer

Automated adjustments

• Automated colour and registration adjustments in the digital printer are possible with the Intelligent Quality Optimiser, IQ-501, enhancing quality, productivity and ultimately profitability

High productivity

• High productivity (81 ppm/A4), high capacity paper handling and high spec finishing options for high volume printing.

Excellent versatility

• Wide paper weight compatibility up to 350 gsm.
• Excellent versatility, handing a variety of media with ease including envelopes, banners and textured stocks.

AccurioPress C83hc General Specifications


Console type

Colour support

Full colour (Wide colour gamut with high chroma toner)

Output resolution

3,600 dpi (Equivalent) x 1,200 dpi


8 bit / 256 gradation


Core i5 4570S 2.9GHz

System memory


Paper weight

Standard mode

62 gsm to 350 gsm (Auto duplex), (81 gsm to 350 gsm : Coated paper)

Banner printing mode

128 gsm to 256 gsm

Standard trays

62 gsm to 216 gsm, (62 gsm to 256 gsm: A4 or larger size)

Optional trays

62 gsm to 350 gsm (PF-707m, MB-506)
62 gsm to 300 gsm (MB-508, PF-602m, LU-202m, LU-202XL, LU-202XLm)

Paper size

Standard mode

SRA3, A3, B4, SRA4, A4, SRA4S, A4S, B5S, A5S, 12” x 18”, 11” x 17”, 81/2” x 11”

Banner printing mode

Min. 139.7 mm x 182 mm to Max. 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm

Optional trays

Max. 330.2 mm x 1,300 mm (Max. 330.2 mm x 762 mm : Auto duplex)
100 mm x 148 mm to 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm (MB-506/MB-508), to 330.2 mm x 1,300 mm (with MK-740)
100 mm x 139.7 mm*1  to 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm (PF-707m)
100 mm x 148 mm*1  to 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm (PF-602m, LU-202m)
100 mm x 148 mm*1  to 330.2 mm x 750 mm (LU-202XL), to 330.2 mm x 762 mm (LU-202XLm)

Max. printing area

323 mm x 480 mm, (323 mm x 1,295 mm : Banner paper)

Image loss

Top edge: 4.0 mm or less, Bottom edge: 3.0 mm or less, Right/Left edge: 3.0 mm or less

Warm-up time

390 sec. or less (At room temperature)

Print speed*2

A4 (Landscape)

81 ppm (Full colour/Monochrome)



45 ppm (Full colour/Monochrome)

Paper feeding capacity (80 gsm)

1,500 sheets (Standard tray), Max. 15,390 sheets (Standard tray + PF-707m x 3 units)

Paper output capacity (80 gsm)

150 sheets (with optional output tray OT-511), Max. 10,000 sheets (LS-506 x 2 units)

Power source

AC 220V to 240V, 20A, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption (Main unit only)

Max. 6,000W


800 mm x 903 mm x 1,041 mm (Main body only)

Space required

631 mm or more for front (for sliding out ADU unit), 200 mm or more from the rear duct, 100 mm or more for both sides


Approx. 313 kg


*1: with small size guide  *2: print speed may vary depend on paper size

AccurioPress C83hc Brochure_ENG