Konica Minolta continues to expand the future of professional printing through a comprehensive and fully modular group of digital printing technologies and solutions named Accurio. Accurio will deliver the flexibility, increases speed and efficiency, and ensures high print quality for businesses ranging from dedicated printing houses to creative design houses. Accurio includes a line of digital printer, state-of-the-art inkjet printers, and the software and cloud-based tools for integrating, managing and executing seamless workflow.

The AccurioPress C6100, digital printer series is designed to deliver all your printing expectation. With improved machine technology, offering higher quality print materials with greater reliability and stability

Designed to Boost Productivity


Auto colour management and front-to-back registration. (Optional)

Diverse output expands printing service possibilities.

High productivity and reliability for fast turnaround.

Streamlined operation improves workflow.

Consistent image output of the highest quality.

A diverse inline finisher lineup for added value.

Intelligent Quality Optimiser
The Intelligent Quality Optimiser IQ-501 continuously monitors and adjusts colour and front-to-back registration during printing. Materials from digital printer are produced with consistent high quality and requires less manual adjustment.

Consistent image output of the highest quality
Extremely high image quality can be consistently maintained by taking advantage of abundant screens, character quality adjustment functions, and S.E.A.D. V technology utilising the latest Konica Minolta imaging process advances.

Diverse output expands printing service possibilities
AccurioPress C6100/C6085, digital printer, expands business potential by supporting 400gsm thick paper, banner printing (max. 1,300mm long), envelope printing and more at affordable cost.

Streamlined operation improves the workflow
User-friendly operation increases output efficiency, especially when the optional print controller IC-604 is employed to optimise the workflow for even higher output and improved colour management.

High productivity and reliability for fast turnaround
The professional handling capabilities of the digital printer, AccurioPress C6100 help professional printing companies meet tight deadlines with ease. Whether handling thin or thick paper, it maintains 100% productivity.

A diverse inline finisher lineup for added value
A wide range of inline finishing options are available that boast top-of-class professional specifications. They efficiently meet the needs of diverse output formats to enable services that can differentiate companies from the competition.

  AccurioPRESS C6100AccurioPRESS C6085
TypeConsole Type
ResolutionScan600 dpi × 600 dpi
PrintEquivalent to 3,600 dpi (Image data resolution is 1,200 dpi) x 1,200 dpi
Gradation8-bit / 256 Gradation
Original TypeSheets, Books, Solid objects
Max. Original SizeA3 (11″ × 17″)
Memory CapacitySystem8 GB
HDD0 (4TB with IC-604 or UK-110)
Output Size
(S: Short edge feed  )
SRA3, A3, B4, SRA4, SRA4S, A4, A4S, B5, B5S, A5, A5S, B6S, A6S,
13×19, 12×18, 11×17, 9×11, 8 1/2×14, 8 1/2x14S, 8 1/2×11, 8 1/2x11S,
5 1/2×8 1/2, 5 1/2×8 1/2S, 8 1/2×13, 8 1/4×13, 8 1/8×13 1/4, 8×13,
8K, 16K, 16KS, Tab paper (A4, 8 1/2×11)
Max. 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm, Min. 100 mm x 139.7 mm
Image LossMax. 4 mm or less for leading edge, Max. 4 mm or less for trailing edge,
Max. 3 mm or less for right/left edges
Warm-Up Time480 sec. or less
Print Speed (A4)100 ppm85 ppm
Copy MagnificationFixedInch: x 1.000, x 2.000, x 1.545, x 1.294, x 1.214, x 0.785, x 0.772, x0.647, x 0.500
Metric: x 1.000, x 2.000, x 1.414, x 1.189, x 0.840, x 0.707, x 0.500
Zoomx 0.250 to x 4.000 (Each 0.001 step)
Tray Capacity (80g/m2)Standard: Tray 1 (500 sheets) (80 gsm), Tray 2 (1,000 sheets)
Paper WeightStandard52 gsm to 400 gsm (Limitations to paper types apply)
OptionMB-506 / PF-602m / LU-202m / LU-202XL: 62gsm to 300gsm
PF-707: 62gsm to 350gsm
Continuous Copy CountUp to 9,999 sheets
Power SourceInch: 208VAC to 240VAC, 24A, 60 Hz
Metric: 220VAC to 240VAC, 25A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power ConsumptionInch: 5,760W or less / Metric: 6,000W or less
(Max. power value when the power system of the main body including option is the highest)
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H]950 mm*1 x 950 mm*2 x 1,319 mm*3, 37-3/8*1 x 37-3/8″*2 x 52*3
WeightApproximately 440 kg / 970 lb (Main body only)
*1 The operation panel section, the powder smoke suction box, and the working table are not included.
*2 Rear side duct is included.
*3 The operation panel section is not included.

  AccurioPRESS C6100 series