Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Having a head office situated at 33, Ramkhamhaeng 22 (Chittra nukhro), Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok including the subsidiaries companies. (Company) commit will be complied with the Personal Data Act which is enforce to all company.
1.1 The privacy policy has been made to inform you to acknowledge. How we collect, use, disclose, keep and or process the information we provide. Collected and received during service or access to your website the company will collect, use, disclose, maintain and or process your personal information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
1.2 You are required to read this Privacy Policy, as well as any other notices that we may provide in the future While the company collects, uses, discloses and / or processes personal information or otherwise for legal compliance.
1.3 The company reserves the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time by any change in the policy. This future privacy notice will be posted on this website and we will notify you. If significant change (As appropriate and / or permitted under applicable law) and When you continue to use the service and / or access the website and make purchases for products or services on the website after that. Consider you acknowledge and agree to the changes to this privacy policy by the company.
1.4 This Privacy Policy is effective in conjunction with the notice. Other contract and consent statements in connection with the collection, storage, use and / or processing of personal data by the company and without Purpose of replacing the announcement Such contract and consent statements, except that the Company Otherwise specified Explicitly

2. Conditions to keep personal information confidential

2.1 Personal information means any information that identifies personally identifiable information or makes it possible for the person holding the information to can verify the person’s identity or, when combined with other information, will enable the identity of the person to be fully identified. Of course, either directly or indirectly.
2.2 System data refers to information that the Company automatically collects when you log into
the Company’s website, either through Cookies, web beacons, log files, scripts, including technical information such as IP address, browser type, domain History of visited websites Access time Referring website addresses Information about what you search for or what you view in While using the Company’s website
2.3 We may collect personal information from you during the period of your use of the website from as far as necessary. This includes but is not limited to
(1) Identity information such as name, surname, gender, date of birth ID card number Phone number Bank Account, Email Address, Place to Ship Billing, Place of Pickup
(2) transaction information For example, details about to order products and services History of visits or orders and your services through the website
(3) Technical information such as IP address, access information Browser type and version, time zone setting and location, type and version of browser add-ons, operating systems and websites, device-specific international code. Mobile, the serial number and other information and technology of the device you use to access the website.
(4) Information through other communication channels such as information on the satisfaction channel Interest in your products and services Acceptance and answer of the questionnaire Including photos or videos and upload the content you have submitted enter the file website Voice prompts respond when you use them. The company uses voice search commands and functions related to the face or body. Other parts of your body and voice.
(5) Small Text File Cookie Information (Contains letters and numbers) located in the memory Or Your device When you visit the website or view a cookie message, the company can recognize your device or browser. And allows the Company to more quickly make content tailored to what interests you; and It will make the service and the website more comfortable and useful to you. You can manage and delete cookies. Via settings in your browser or device, for more information on how to do that Please visit the section Help of your browser or device
2.4 We may collect your personal information about your interests and services. Which may contain on race, religion, biological information, disabilities, identity or any other information. That would be useful for Manage orders and customer service. In this regard, the company will ask for your consent except.
(1) It is to comply with laws such as the Personal Data Protection Act. Act on Electronic transactions Telecommunications Business Act Defense Act and Anti money laundering Civil and Criminal Code of Civil and Criminal Procedure
(2) It is for the benefit of an investigation by the inquiry official or the judgment of the court
(3) For your benefit and obtaining consent may not act can be done at that time
(4) It is necessary for the legitimate interests of the company or of any person or juristic person other than company
(5) It is necessary to prevent or stop harm to the life, body or health of a person.
(6) It is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party or for Perform the personal data subject’s request before entering into the contract.
(7) To achieve the objectives related to of historical documents or archives for the sake of Public or for study, research, and statistical preparation, which provides appropriate preventive measures.
2.5 When I agree, press accept. Company privacy policy I agree and consent to the collection Use, disclose, keep and / or process my personal data for the purposes stated herein and under the terms of the Company’s privacy policy or similar text contained on the Company’s website You acknowledge that you have been informed and understood this Privacy Policy also allow us to keep, collect, use, disclosure and/or assess personal information as describe under this policy
2.6 During using this website and services from company, will received this personal data from you in this case as follows
(1) When you have created or linked a user account with the company available on the website to visit products and services. Including but It is not limited to company information, announcements and any form of advertising media that the Company can display on the website, including and trading transactions and services through the website including buy and sell transaction and services through website.
(2) when you apply for any services or purchase any services on website
(3) when you have used the conversation function on website (chat)
(4) When you agree to receive the news or marketing media, join to the competition, promotion, marketing activities, survey, or join to any activities on company website
(5) When you have any comment on your content that uploaded on website.
6) When you contact to the company by telephone, email including when contact to representative or third party who provides service to customers of company under assignment.
2.7 During the period of time you use the website and and use the services. You have given your explicit consent for the transfer of personal information from third parties to the company for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, or any other requirements
2.8 If you provide personal information of any third party to the company. You represent and warrant that you receive consent and permission as required It is necessary from such third parties to disclose and transfer their personal information or she to the Company and the Company collect, store, use and disclose such information in accordance with privacy policy

3. Use and disclosure of personal information

3.1 Use of personal information at the company Collected from you or through third parties may be used or published or transferred for outsiders (Including related companies Third-party service providers and agency service providers such and related companies located both within and outside the country) for the following purposes: Including but not limited only for the benefit of the operation. Provide service transactions to you Service of payment channels or providing digital services or market research and organizing promotional activities for the benefit of offering benefits based on interests of benefits in analysis and not being able to offer any service or product of service providers and / or a person who is a dealer representing or in connection with a service provider and / or of another person and for any other purpose which is not forbidden. In accordance with the law and / or to comply with the laws or regulations applicable to the service provider. Both now and future.
3.2 You have given consent for the service provider company to send, transfer and / or disclose personal information to the company, Service Provider, Business Group Business Partner External service, Provider Data processor, Any other person with a contract or legal relationship According to the purpose of data collection Including cloud computing service providers and allows service providers to send, transfer and / or disclose such information. Both domestic and international, and the Company will keep such information for the duration and as necessary for any purpose. As mentioned above Including, but not limited to, to the Company Make it easy for you to use the Services to complete your transactions, manage your user accounts and the Company’s relationships with you, market and comply with regulations or guidelines. We do so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as it deems necessary. By disclosing your personal information to such persons, the Company will make sure that the third parties and our affiliates do so. Will keep your personal information safe from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, processing or any other similar risk, and will retain it personal as necessary used to achieve the aforementioned objectives.
3.3 You acknowledge and agree to the Company Share anonymous information Including but not It is limited to the following situations.
( A) aggregate data, whereby the Company may conduct aggregate data analysis projects with selected third party service providers using non-personally identifiable information on the subject. To assess the interests of users and to provide users with targeted and / or relevant information. That information is derived from aggregate information about the activities of external website users.
(B) Behavior-Based Advertising: The Company may cooperate with selected third parties using non-personally identifiable information to develop a format that will deliver accurate advertising. More and more to each user.
3.4 You can unsubscribe from marketing information at any time by using the method of unsubscribing within electronic advertisements. The Company may use your contact information to send you newsletters from the Company. And from related companies
3.5 In special circumstances the company Personal information may be required, for example in situations where there is a reason to believe that the disclosure is reasonable. Is necessary to prevent harm to life or health. Or for law enforcement purposes or to able to perform in accordance with the regulations or Requesting according to law and regulations.

4. Regulations on use and / or disclosure of personal information

4.1 Accuracy and completeness of the personal data you provide to the company That is a thing It is important to enable you to use the Company’s website. You are responsible for notifying the company. Or you can edit it yourself. If your personal information is changed or in the event that you believe that personal information about you with the company is not correct or not match your current information.
4.2 You are responsible for updating your personal information to date. You can update your personal information at any time by accessing the user account. Or information that you provide to us or on the website
4.3 We disclose your updated personal information to third parties and our affiliates. Who company Have previously disclosed your personal information If your personal information is still necessary for the purposes set out above.

5. Accessing your personal information

5.1 You can request information about your personal data collected by the company or inquire about how your personal information is used, disclosed, stored or processed by the company. Within the past year and in order to If your request is facilitated, the company may need to request additional information about your request.
5.2 The company reserves the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee for the recovery of your personal data. In such case, the company Will notify you of the fee before processing your request.
5.3 The Company will respond to your request as soon as reasonably possible. The Company will notify you in writing within 14 (fourteen) days of your request. Company will inform in writing if not able to give any personal information as your request. In general, company will give a reason why can’t proceed as mentioned (Unless the company Not forced to do to do so under the relevant data protection laws)

6. Security of your personal information

6.1 To secure your personal information from unauthorized access. Collection, use, disclosure, processing, duplication, alteration, distribution, loss, misuse. Modifications or similar risks. Without permission, the company has taken appropriate management measures. Both concrete and technically such as
(A) Restrict the right to access personal information to only those who have must access
(B) Maintain the level of technology-related products to prevent unauthorized computer access.
6.2 If you have information that your personal data has been unlawfully infringed. You have the duty to notify the company immediately.
6.3 You should be aware that no method of transfer over the Internet or any electronic data collection procedure is completely secure. While that security cannot be guaranteed, the company has made great efforts to protect it. The security of your information and will review and add information security measures regularly.
6.4 If you have to create a user account and have a password. You are responsible for keeping it confidential and to choose to use it. Please use a specific number. Special characters and characters If you share your code with others, you are responsible for all actions that you may take. It was done on behalf of your account and as a result. If you lose control of your password, you may significantly lose control of your personal data and other information that you submit to the Company, and you may fall into trouble. under a legal obligation to act on your behalf. Therefore, if your code is accessed without your permission for any reason or there is reason to believe that your code has been accessed without your permission. You should contact the company and change your code immediately. You must not forget to log out of your account and close your browser if you are on a shared computer.

7. Retention of Personal Information

7.1 The company will keep your personal information only to the extent permitted by law. As required or to the extent necessary for the purpose of collecting such information.
7.2 The company will stop keeping your personal information or How to identify ways in which information that may be linked to you is issued. As soon as it deems appropriate that the storage Could not achieve the purposes for which such personal information was collected. Already gathered anymore. And it is not necessary for any legal or business purpose.

8. Computer data collection

8.1 The Company or its Authorized Service Providers may use cookies, web and other similar technologies to store information that helps us. Create a better, faster, more personalized experience when you use the service or access the website.
8.2 when you visit the website via computer Mobile device Or any other device with your internet connection Company server It will automatically save the information that your browser sends when entering the website.
The information may include:
(1) the IP number of your computer or device
(2) browser type
(3) Web pages that you visit before you access the website
(4) the pages of the website that you visit; and
(5) The period of time you spend on the said page. The things and information that you find on the website, the time of access and the date and statistics

9.Rights in connection with Your personal information

9.1 You can request access to obtain a copy of your personal data. In accordance with the rules and procedures set by the company or request to disclose the acquisition of personal information, the company may reject your request as required by law or by court order
9.2 You can request to correct or change your personal information, which is inaccurate or incomplete and keep your information up to date.
9.3 You can request deletion or destroy your personal information by reporting to Link through the web site or Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

10. Withdrawal of consent to Use, Disclose, Keep and / or Process Personal Data

10.1 You may withdraw your consent to continue using, disclosing, keeping and / or processing your personal data for any purpose. And in the format stated above at any given time
10.2 In the event that you express your intention to withdraw your consent to the Company to use, disclose, store or process your data for the purposes and in the format described above, the Company may not be in a position to do so. Service operation or unable to perform any contract that the company has with you and the company will not be liable in case the company does not work The Company expressly reserves the legal rights and remedies of the Company in such cases.
10.3 You can request deletion or We will destroy your personal information by contacting the contact channel on the website or in writing at a representative of Konica Minolta Solutions & Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
10.4 The Company will consider your requests in accordance with this Clause as quickly as reasonably possible and the Company will fulfill your request within 20 (twenty) days of your request. There is a request. The company may reject the request of you as require by law or by court order.
Contact: This Privacy Policy may be updated and revised from time to time without notice to you. However, we will post an updated Privacy Policy notice on our website if you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or to take any action in accordance with the rights set out above.
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