MiR Robots

Konica Minolta is Redefining the Workplace of the Future, Helping You Work Smarter,
More Productively and Collaboratively.

With automation and drive for innovation, we see robots playing a big part in the way we work. Mobile Robots can be used to address challenges faced by businesses by enabling automation in certain processes.

User-friendly Mobile Robots can be enable businesses to drive growth by doing the repeatable tasks or heavier workload. Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots are now used by manufactures in a wide range of industries and sectors to automate their in-house transportation.

The robot optimises workflows, freeing up staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs. Technology enables the robot to either “identify” its drive area and surroundings or import 20 drawings of the building layout.

Build-in sensors and cameras enable the Mobile Robot to be used for collaborative operation; keeping it running safely in an environment with people as it automatically stops and navigates around obstacles.

Fleet management for optimised robot traffic

Automated in-house transport solution. Automatic pick-up and drop-off of carts.

A fully automatic recharging solution. The MiR mobile robot moves and connects autonomously to the charging station.

Install quickly and easily without
changing the workplace layout

Replace fixed conveyor bands
with flexible Mobile Robots

Reduce delivery time and
improve competitiveness

Re-deploy workers from pushing
a cart to higher-value activities

Diminish the costs and
dangers of forklift trucks

Automate material handling
and internal logistics

Enhance production flow and
make significant progress

Solve bottlenecks and minimise
non-productive time

Eliminate idle time between
process steps