• 70 ppm in color and B&W
  • 350,000 page monthly volume
  • Image Density & Color Density control
  • 7,500-sheet maximum paper capacity


High-speed Print with extensive range of professional integrated finishings

With its amazing imaging capabilities and absolutely consistent print quality, the bizhub Press C1060 and bizhub Press C1070 opens up a new era of superb quality colour production. Inimitable modularity provides unmatched versatility and ensures perfect adaptibility to the entry production environment.

Key Features

Flexibility to deliver with speed

Expand the range of printing orders to unprecedented levels with the industry's top-class range of media handling. Create more business opportunities for print providers by handling a wide range of applications essential for digital printing.

Quick turnaround | High productivity at 71 pages per minute

At 71 ppm* for the C1070 and 61 ppm* for the C1060 in both colour and monochrome, the C1070 series boosts productivity to meet large orders with ease. And with 38 ppm*2 productivity for A3 size outputs, booklets and imposition data can also be processed right away.

*1 A4 crosswise using 62 to 176 g/m2 paper.

*2 Using 62 to 176 g/m2 paper for C1070.

Enhanced thick paper productivity | Equal speed productivity for 62 to 176 g/m2 paper

Productivity is now even more efficient, whether using normal paper or coated, and for simplex or duplex printing, thanks to the improved fusing unit and process control. The C1070 series maintains high-speed outputs of 71 ppm* for paper up to 176 g/m2, boosting productivity even for mixed media.300 g/m2 boosting productivity even for mixed media.

A4 crosswise for C1070. 61 ppm for C1060.

Mouse-supported control panel

Easy to see and operate, the 15-inch large screen display allows the display angle to be adjusted to match the user, and ensures outstanding operability with the user-friendly GUI and guide messages, even for various settings. A USB mouse can also be connected to ease operability.

Enhance profitability with outstanding productivity

The bizhub PRESS C1070 and C1060 are newly designed to maintain high level productivity in the toughest workflow environment.

Flexible parts replacement - Increase uptime with flexible parts replacement. Highly reliable, flexible and productive with fast print speeds in colour and monochrome of 71 impressions per minute (C1070) and 61 impressions per minute (C1060).

Impressive media flexibility - the bizhub PRESS C1070 and C1060 meet virtually any print job request including paper formats from A5 to SRA3 (max 330 x 480mm) and weights ranging from 62 to 300 gsm. Advanced finishing facilities provide essential impact to boost customers' business opportunities. With an extensive range of finishing options including booklet trimming and perfect binding.

Superior image quality with exceptional colour definition

Print providers and print professionals can now expect colour quality to rival offset printing – at a fraction of the cost. 1200 x 1200 dpi and 8-bit multi-gradation processing - High resolution with mulit-gradation processing reproduces fine text and thin lines clearly, as well as rich colour gradations. The bizhub PRESS C1070 and C1060 combine highly accurate laser exposure controls, with SEAD IV 3,600 dpi equivalent reslutiontion, ultra-fine Dot Position Control (DPC) pixel placement and multi-bit screening. Simitri® HDE toner - The bizhub PRESS C1070 and C1060 takes image quality and energy savings to the next level. With a three-dimensional hybrid structure containing functional polymer, improved magenta pigment for superior reproduction of red hues, 10% higher overall percentage of pigment for superior quality in solid colour areas, and enhanced electro-photographic properties.

Precision and stability that surpasses expectations

Close to offset precision - The bizhub PRESS C1070 and C1060 meet this challenge, with a back-to-front and page-to-page registration that comes very close to offset printing results.
Registration Swing Mechanism for pinpoint positioning -
To provide high-precision centering correction, Konica Minolta’s newly developed registration swing mechanism utilises a centering detection sensor on the registration unit.
Real-time colour calibration improves stability
- Controls image stability during continuous printing by detecting density correction patches on the intermediate transfer belt.
Air Blow and Air Suction for high simplex and duplex speeds
- In both simplex and duplex printing, on 62 to 176 gsm paper, high-speeds of 71 ppm (C1070) and 61 ppm (C1060) are aided by the paper feed’s Air Blow control.


Enhance efficiency with advanced finishing capabilities

Unparalleled finishing options - Professional finishing of the printed product is an integral part of any production run – and flexibility is the key. The bizhub PRESS C1060 and C1070 can be equipped with a full range of highly versatile finishing options, including numerous inline punching and stapling options and a generous selection of folding functions.
Sophisticated finishing features -
Mixplex allows combining single- and double-sided pages within one document. Mixmedia lets the user specify individual paper types from various trays on page-level. The combined mixmedia and mixplex function fully automates the production of complex one- and two-sided documents on different media.
High-on-demand envelope printing -
The Envelope Fuser Unit (EF-103) supports printing for 100 x 148 mm to 248 x 375 mm envelopes.


General Specifications

  bizhub PRESS C1070 / C1060
Type Console type
 Resolution Scan 600 × 600 dpi
Print 1,200 (Equivalent to 3,600 dpi) × 1,200 dpi
Gradation 8-bit / 256 Gradation
System Memory Capacity 6 GB
Extended Memmory System memory capacity can be extended up to 14GB with IC-602 or UK-104
HDD 1.5 TB
Original Type Sheet, Book, Solid Object
Max. Original Size A3 or 11x17
Max. Printing Area 323 mm x 480 mm
Output Size
(S: Short edge feed )
SRA3, A3, B4, A4, B5, 13x19, 11x17, 8 1/2x14, 8 1/2x11, 5 1/2x8 1/2S 
Tab paper (A4, 8 1/2x11)
Max. 330 mm x 487 mm, Min. 140 mm x 182 mm
Multi-bypass(Option): SRA3, A3, B4, A4, B5, 13x19, 11x17, 8 1/2x14, 8 1/2x11, 5 1/2x8 1/2S
Tab paper (A4, 8 1/2x11)
Max.330 mm  x 487 mm, Min. 100 mm x 148 mm
Image Loss Max. 4 mm or less for top edge, Max. 4.5 mm or less for bottom edge,
Max. 3.0 mm or less for right/left edges
Warm-Up Time 390 sec. or less
 First Copy Out Time Color  7.1 seconds or less (A4, 8 1/2x11)   / 7.6 seconds or less (A4, 8 1/2x11)
Black and White 5.9 seconds or less (A4, 8 1/2x11)   / 6.3 seconds or less (A4,8 1/2x11)
 Continuous Copy SpeedColor

71 sheets/min.(A4)     /  61 sheets/min.(A4)

38 sheets/min.(A3)     /  33 sheets/min.(A3)

Black and White 71 sheets/min.(A4)     /  61 sheets/min.(A4)
 Copy MagnificationFixed Magnification

Inch : x1.000, x2.000, x1.545, x1.294, x1.214, x0.785, x0.772, x0.647, x0.500
Metric : x1.000, x2.000, x1.414, x1.189, x0.840, x0.707, x0.500

Zoon Magnification x0.250 to x 4.000 (Each 0.001 step)
 Paper Weight Standard 40 to 300 g/m2 (Limitations to paper types apply)
Option 40 to 350 g/m2 (Only available for middle tray of PF-706)
Continuous Copy Count Up to 9,999 sheets
Power Source Inch: AC208 to 240V 21A 60 Hz
Metric: AC220 to 240V 20A, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption Inch: 4,900W or less (Main body only)
Metric: 4,700W or less (Mainn body only)
Dimensions [W] × [D] × [H] 760 mm*4 x 903 mm*5 x 1,073 mm*6
29.92"*4 x 35.55"*5 x 42.24"*6 (Main body+Original Cover)
Weight Approximately 291 Kg/ 641 Ib (Main body only)




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