Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to contact If I require product information, services or to purchase products of Konica Minolta?

You can contact us through our communication channels as the following,

Call center: (66) 02-029-7000

2. Is it safe to contact our staff? Does the company have any safety measures during a spread of the virus?

Yes, it is. We have the screening system for staffs and visitors by using MOBOTIX Thermal Camera which can detect body temperature accurately at the decimal point. For cleanliness, our housekeepers have cleaned the frequent touched objects such as doors and sanitary ware with alcohol 4 times per day and putting alcohol hand sanitizer stations in front of each building and at the entrance and exit of the company.

3. What is the company’s preventive plan for delayed delivery of spare part and toner to customers?

For spare and consumable parts,

– We have arranged to spare all parts and store at HQ central inventory for prompt delivery and all urgent cases to all destinations.
– For branches where are located at the Bangkok’s suburb and upcountry areas, we have assigned those branches to prepare all necessary spare parts and store these parts at the service truck which is called “Car Stock”.
– For urgent spare part delivery cases in some close area, Branch manager will apply to use the other delivery service such as Grab Express, Line Man, etc. for prompt delivery service.

For toners delivery,

– We have enhanced and used the automated application as “CSRC and PdM” to remotely monitor customer’s toner consumption and predict usage data for prompt and accurate toner delivery.
– We have arranged to spare the toner and store at HQ central inventory for prompt delivery and all urgent cases to all destination.

4. Are there any effects in meter recording and collecting?

We have provided the solutions as the following,

– Meter will be recorded remotely by panel remoting or application which is installed to compatible MIF model such as “CSRC” and “SSMPPI”.
– Getting the meter record everywhere by requiring the assistance from the customer such as calling to customers and kindly ask them to send the meter page by chat application. e.g. Line and WhatsApp.

5. Are there any possibilities that virus will be contaminated on the surface of printer’s operation screen or interface? How can the user prevent this contamination?

If users suspect that a screen surface may be contaminated by the virus, they can clean it with a simple disinfectant to kill the virus and protect other at the same time. Please clean hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or simply wash with soap and water. Avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose.

6. Are there any possibilities that virus will be contaminated on the surface of Konica Minolta product’s packages? How does the company create and arrange the prevention?

After the pre-installation and ready to ship process, the packing staff must disinfect by spraying the alcohol-base sterilization all over the product’s package and then wrap with the shrink film properly before proceeding the shipment.

7. What is the company’s response plan for technical issue service required from customer?

We have provided remote service applications such as SRS, CSRA and TeamViewer for promptly providing the service and problem solving and decreasing the risks or dangers from CE travelling to the restricted area.

8. Does the company have any policies to assist customers during this difficult situation?

We are considering giving the discount or contract period extension to support good customers during the difficult situation.

9. If the customers need to spare toner to support their very high consumption but their areas are restricted and do not allow people to get inside for delivery, what is the plan for providing toner delivery?

We will consider providing the proper amount of toner and coordinate with customer to find the possibility place to deliver as safety for both sides. e.g. delivering to Procurement department instead of at machine.

10. Will Konica Minolta’s oversea factories face the inventory shortage issue?

We have ordered and stored a lot of products before the Lunar New Year holiday because it is necessary to adequately increase the amount of inventory before the factory closing for long vacation during the Lunar New Year holiday. Accordingly, March is the ending fiscal year month, we still have enough products to sell through April. And cargo ships or cargo flights have not been suspended to enter Thailand. Therefore, we do not have the inventory shortage issue until at least on May.

11. If the customers would like to have any updates about the current situation of COVID-19 crisis, what is the recommendation for customers?

We recommend customers to updated news from the reliable source such as Government or Thai Official Healthy Authority center.